Proud Innovators of Recycled Paper

We’ve Always Manufactured
Paper Sustainably and Mindfully

Established in 1995, Jackson Paper Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturers of recycled paper and is globally recognized. We are the largest private employer in Sylva, located in the heart of Jackson County, North Carolina. Our home in the Great Smoky Mountains is just one reason why we are committed to sustainability.

We are committed stewards of the environment and work hard to keep our air and water clean. Our paper mill is equipped with state-of-the-art systems that discharge no wastewater and meet or exceed all federal and state environmental regulations.

Our Paper Meets Top
Sustainability Standards

Using our environmentally friendly paper, customers can increase the total recycled content of their boxes. Since 2009 our paper has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® as originating from responsible forest management. Jackson Paper Manufacturing was also awarded its Chain of Custody certification to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standard in 2009. This certification recognizes our materials as originating from responsible forest management and fiber sourcing.

How Jackson Paper Manufacturing
Got Its Start

Jackson Paper is located in downtown Sylva, North Carolina on the site that was once occupied by the Armour Leather Tannery. In 1927, the Mead Paper Company built a virgin-fiber paper mill on the site that operated until 1974. The paper mill was subsequently converted to make 100% recycled paper using old corrugated containers (“OCC”) and was restarted in 1983. Jackson Paper Manufacturing purchased the facility in 1995 and made significant investments to improve the environmental footprint of the mill. Among other upgrades, the manufacturing process was converted to a closed-loop system which eliminated all wastewater discharge and the boiler was converted to use wood waste for fuel.

When searching for a containerboard partner, look no further than Jackson Paper Manufacturing. We’ll earn and keep your business for years to come.